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Kristian James

Master of Architecture

In Continuity in Architecture we use place as the starting point, developing intervention through the analysis and translation of the particular location. We believe that this process results in the making of a meaningful and informed architecture, providing a contemporary layer of archaeology, a new inscription within the continuity of the evolving city.

The project has investigated an urban pocket of Milan towards the West of Milan’s Darsena. A shift in museum culture in the last decade which has radically changed the approach we have when designing and curating and museum. The project proposes an urban response as to how a boating museum in the 21st century should be curated. A collection of buildings organised around a central courtyard enables the complex programme of both a museum and a boat building workshop to be orchestrated, enabling the visitor to curate a dynamic journey. By inviting process & making to the site, a two way conversation between the artefact and the visitor is achieved which enriches the over museum experience.

Tags: Boat, Boats, Cia, Continuity, Continuity In Architecture, Kris, Kristian, Masters, Milan, Water, Year 6

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