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Larisa Sandu

Interior Design

As an interior designer as well as an individual I believe that the experiences I can create for people through design are much more important than just designing beautiful interiors. That’s the reason why I do not see design as being an art but a way of finding solutions and creating experiences. I also like to inspire and be inspired. 

The project named Tete-a-tete is a platform that offers the opportunity to experience the pleasure of eating with all our senses and helps the visitors to understand food and engage more with it. Food is extensively involved in our day to day life and the concept of eating out seems to be expanding more and more as a form of entertainment. People enjoy eating and they expect getting pleasure out of it, But whereas we enjoy eating we forget that it involves all our senses. We so often rely too much just on taste and sight when eating and choosing our food. 

Tags: Connections, Food, Installations, Interior Design, Senses, Theatre

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