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Laura Johnson

Three Dimensional Design

Exploring principles of Wabi-sabi and Mindfulness I look for the hidden details in my immediate environment, seeing treasure in thrown away objects and vibrancy of colour and texture on Manchester’s old mills. Largely centred around Runcorn Mill I have explored its imperfect aesthetic and responded to its environment to create a jewellery collection. Through sketching, photography, walks and found object I have collated an essence of the atmosphere which is then created into my three dimensional models. In particular, the network of sunken drainpipes into the mill walls and pops of colour have been my focus.

I aim to engage communities by reconnecting them with their environment, encouraging people to notice beauty in objects and buildings with a history within an expanding city. By creating pins displaying a found object I hope to highlight the benefits of the process of mindfulness in a fast-paced society.

My recent trip to Barcelona inspired me to create another collection. Comparing the streets and graffiti to Manchester I saw an opportunity to reflect on the different vibe found in Barcelona. The cleaner streets and pastel hues of the city are reflected in this set of wearables.

Tags: Bangle, Barcelona, Contemporary, Earrings, Found Object, Jewellery, Manchester, Necklace, Ring, Street, Urban, Wabi Sabi

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