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Lauren Andrews

Textiles in Practice

I am a textile designer specialising in embroidery making work for a womenswear fashion context. Painting and drawing has been the origination for much of this work. I have been inspired by the gestural impasto quality of Howard Hodgkin and the intensity of his colour palette. My drawing aims to capture a rich dynamic of mark making within a palette of subdued tones punctured by the bright illuminesence of acid greens, hot pinks and yolky yellows .The drawing is firstly translated into fabric via digital print, but then is literally broken by shredding the cloth and hand weaving it back together to obtain a different rhythm and pattern of mark and colour. This enables the accidental and unplanned to co-exist within a highly ordered fabric structure. Stitch is then utilised to patternate the cloth further and extend the rhythms and dynamic of line and mark into and onto the cloth.

I hope to secure a graduate training scheme in retail focusing on product buying/visual merchandising post graduation.  

Tags: Embroidery, Mark Making, Pattern, Stitch, Weaving

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