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Lea Daste

Interior Design

As a designer, designing consciously, morally and honestly are at the forefront of my values. 

The walking project was inspired by the act of walking.

I thought about how we displace ourselves in our fast paced lives and the motives for why people walk; whether it be an urban exploration of the city or a rural setting. Consequently, I thought about the needs of walkers. I set out to create a location that is targeted at walkers looking for something different to do in and around Manchester.

Walking is facilitated by the feet, therefore, the design has explored what the foot can feel within its materiality. Many parts of the building are designed with the intent to be barefoot or in socks; thick warm wool floor in the snugs, cool water in the footbath, as well as, the liberating experience of the washhouse where the stresses of the body being lifted in the warm communal bath. This is all in an attempt to contrast the feeling of a foot being enclosed in a shoe. 

Tags: Adobe, Concept, Design, Interior, Interiors, Planning, Plans, Sections, Space, Vectorworks, Visuals

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