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Leesha Irwin

Fine Art

Creating art has always provided a door to escapism, a window into my imagination. My art has allowed me to express my emotions relating to significant events in both my personal life and the darker side of growing up in a troubled society. I never set out to be an artist that reflected upon personal and social traumas. But as my portfolio and interest developed I began to notice a pattern in the work of which I had a great response to. At the beginning of this year I knew very little about my countries past, ‘The Troubles” and Northern Ireland’s political history therefore I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could and in response I created my art. Although I have used different mediums and approaches my methodology has consistently remained the same throughout. The research I have undergone throughout the year in relation to the 30-year conflict period has been the most influential aspect behind the work in which I create. 

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