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Lydia Marley


I am an image-maker who creates work using both traditional film and digital methods. I enjoy exploring 'real life' concepts within my work. This body of work explores the act of fly tipping in the North West of England and individuals leaving behind their unwanted possessions in neglected spaces. Every object has its own journey, passing through various owners, environments and purposes. The objects that I have focused on have potentially come to the end of their existence and wait on the landscape to be taken away, to either be reused or destroyed. It is intriguing how one fly tipper can disrespect a location and as a result, others feel encouraged to do the same, often leading to a build-up of objects in the same place. Focusing particularly on the placement of these objects, I concentrate on the sculptural qualities and constructions created by fly tippers.

Tags: Banal, Beauty, England, Flytipping, Found, Industrial, Landscape, Neglect, Northwest, Objects, Rubbish, Sculpture, Urban, Waste

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