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Maria-Magdalena Atanasova

Master of Architecture

As the global population rises to its 11 billion peak, Europe’s stagnating and ageing population will not only have to find ways to justify the humanity of totally exclusive borders, it is likely to be increasingly unable to generate economic activity without massive urbanisation and migration. My project examines the context for and potential responses to transparent borders where we embrace a shared future, or at least find some well-designed room for it.

TRANSplacement tales interrogates the existing narrative of migration in Europe following a young TRANSnational boy on his journey through TRANSparent borders across Europe to his arrival at a large hospitality facility located in the former Mayfield station in Manchester, providing incoming migrants with support and a place to stay. Exploring our urban and architectural response to an open border strategy, the programme includes integrational, administrative and operational services, multicultural public spaces and commercial zones as well as a large variety of accommodation types – from luxury suites to dormitories, long-stay flats, hotel rooms and camping spaces.

Tags: Architecture, Building Restoration, Mayfield Station, Migration, Storytelling

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