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Martha Blackburn

Textiles in Practice

My practice is an amalgamation of hand embroidery and drawing which both complement and inform one another. As well as exploring the inter-relationship between drawn and stitched marks my practice uses portraiture, capturing lost and forgotten moments, to reveal the powerful reflections of inner experience.The hand embroideries are intimate, sensitive and vulnerable and express delicate details of fleeting moments. My drawings focus on capturing the sensitivity and quality of line and movement, texture and depth of an image, either through embroidered surfaces or more traditional graphite and pencil drawings. My inspiration is taken from portrait photography and my process involves capturing everyday moments with the camera, which I then develop through drawing and stitch. From this a conversation between drawing and stitch develops. The translation of my drawing into stitch enables the drawing itself to also take on the qualities of thread and fabric.

Tags: Drawing, Embroidery, Monochrome, Pencil, Portraiture, Silk

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