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Maya Elbourki

Textiles in Practice

Through detailed illustration and digital print design my work explores the idea that there is nothing more interesting and beautiful than what already exists; we just need to take more time to notice it. My designs present a fresh interpretation of bold botanical prints using vibrant colour and transforming the image of the natural world; expressing the liveliness and colour within nature. I have focussed my attention on creating detailed illustrations which are then digitally manipulated and put together to create something new and exciting. Often the initial illustration and the final print stand alone as separate pieces of design work. My work ranges from high-end interiors to fashion prints, being versatile enough to cover a range of markets.

Tags: Bold, Botanical, Bright, Digital, Environmental Design, Fashion, Floral, High-end, Interiors, Large Scale, Repeat, Scarves, Silk, Wallpaper

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