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Mella Moylan

Textiles in Practice

I design geometric, mixed media, modular textiles for interior environments and exhibitions. During my final year, I have used the laser cutter to test how etching techniques can transform the surfaces of a wide variety of soft and hard materials. This testing has informed my material choices and I have been able to realise large-scale work from interconnecting modular foam elements that can be arranged in a variety of ways.

Additionally I have designed a collection of wooden textiles, testing different module shapes, colours and textures. I am inspired by how simple geometric shapes combine to create intricate, sculptural compositions. The juxtaposition of words in my title ‘wooden textiles’ informed my designs as I laser engraved images of draped fabric onto the wood. The potential applications of these samples are vast.

After graduation, I plan to go freelance and continue to develop my practice.

Tags: Geometric, Installation, Laser Cut, Modular, Textiles, Wood

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