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Mollie Milton

Fine Art

My practise centres around sculpture and perceptions of time, mortality and eternity. it is an investigation of inevitable, and irrefutable cycles. Religion, spirituality and philosophy influence my work because they all act as potential answers or solutions to the anxiety around death.

Time is a really important component of my practice - I tend to choose materials with contrasting longevity such as ceramic and wax, or materials in their different states such as fired and unfired clay. I am interested In the cyclical nature of life and the finality of death and how this translates into materials. Each material has its own lifespan from stoneware ceramic, which can last for over 3500 years, to melting wax sculptures or dried flowers. Through contrasting these materials I aim to draw attention to the ephemerality of our own organic matter. Imprints of fingers, discarded hair or casts of the body are common motifs as they exist as traces of human presence. Highlighting and preserving these traces of life is central to my practice.


Tags: Bronze, Ceramic, Sculpture

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