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Molly Coldicott

Textiles in Practice

I have been heavily inspired by Japanese textiles and multi-functional sustainable design resulting in my final collection ‘knots’ that has taken a playful approach to these two subjects. I have been increasingly interested by design that hasn’t been entrenched by gender societal perceptions but defined by its ability to communicate in other ways. Inspired by the Japanese notion of ‘wabi-sabi’ meaning imperfection is perfect, I have fabricated a collection of linen knot-sacks that explore the ancient Japanese fabric manipulation method of furo-shiki.

My practice revolves heavily around keeping hand-craftmanship alive by using an array of processes such as hand screen printing, embroidery and hand dyeing. Teaming these techniques with natural linens and silks enable my ideas to truly come alive and create a beautiful informality of cloth. Knots has been inspired different textile cultures from around the globe including Morroco, Japan, India and lastly New York City where I spent 4 months of last summer interning.

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