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Molly Newport

Textiles in Practice

Using the language of embroidery and particularly embellishment, I have developed a practice that is primarily aimed at an illustrative context. I am an avid drawer, and use my textile skills to realise the translation of two dimensional mark on paper into both three-dimensional and two-dimensional works that give the drawn mark and form a physical and tactile quality. I utilise household objects and utility materials in the work, hoping to make the insignificant magnificent. I am intrigued by the alchemy of making and how an audience may respond to the tactility of what I have made and what it may represent. Narrative is key to underpinning the work, and the storytelling quality inherent to the work is derived from both folklore and contemporary personal observation. 

It is my ambition to become a freelance illustrator working both commercially and non-commercially. I hope to undertake a Masters degree in the subject in the near future in order to further my understanding of this specialism and how I may contribute to it as a multi-media artist/designer. 

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