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Molly Stevenson

Textiles in Practice

I am a textiles print design specialising in created hand drawn designs for wallpaper. I aim to create beautiful designs which work in repeat to create bold and unique wallpaper. 

The tropical wallpaper was inspired by Catholic art which developed into the Garden of Eden. I have mainly been focusing on the foliage and wildlife associated with ‘tropical’ life. I have paid particular attention to creating depth in my designs so that the wallpaper will not look flat. 

My floral repeat wallpaper is my entry for the Whitworth and Kingfisher competition where we were briefed to create a repeating wallpaper inspired by their work in the competition. The wallpaper was drawn by hand in fine-liner in repeat with digitally added colour.

The Leaf, Bark and Berries wallpaper was inspired by British Wildlife and nature. The wallpaper features many hand painted elements to reflect my own idea of the theme.

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