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Monty Dobney


Home Starts Brewing Hall

Brewery and Youth Hostel interlinked with the existing public house.

The scheme aims to create a unique, contextually situated and hence viable business. This is achieved through the redefinition of the city’s district by providing the currently missing centrepiece piazza. The brewery and hostel build upon this by providing a unique and lively atmosphere to the local territory and hence the city as a whole. Contrast threads throughout the tectonic, programmatic and conceptual relationships. An interlinked series of volumetric spaces are created to act as one whole building.

‘A building cannot be a human building unless it is a complex of still smaller buildings or smaller parts which manifest its own internal social facts.’ C. Alexander, A Pattern Language, 1977

Tags: Axonometric, Brewery, Continuity, Little Ireland, Modelmaking, Oxford Road Station, Piazza, Urban

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