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Nadine Foster

Textiles in Practice

Taking inspiration from the vivid colours and textures within nature paired with the solid, linear marks of contemporary Architecture, I have produced a collection of printed textile designs intended for womenswear garments and accessories.

My aim when embarking on this collection was to explore the patterns and textures formed effortlessly by nature. In order to fully encapsulate the idea of spontaneity and freedom within nature, I have produced a collection of prints featuring spontaneous, fluid marks. This when paired with the contrasting, structured and predetermined shapes of contemporary Architecture has allowed me to create a collection of unique designs with a sense of individuality.

Combining both digital and traditional textile print techniques has also allowed me further explore the idea of spontaneity vs. structure whilst allowing me to experiment with both aspects of surface pattern design. I intend to pursue a career in printed textile design with my interests lying within fashion and homeware.

Tags: Digital Print, Fashion, Home Ware, Screen Print, Surface Pattern Design

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