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Nicole Gordon

Textiles in Practice

“A Journey into light and perception”

Inspired by the work of artists such as James Turell, Dan Flavin and Brigitte Kowanz, I am fascinated in creating installations focusing on the viewers’ perception of light and space.

Using various Mixed Media techniques, I have attempted to push the boundaries of perception by combining light, reflection and technology.

My work intends to awe and amaze by presenting a dazzling array of colour and emotion through contemporary light installations.

After being commissioned in the sector, I have seen first hand how the themes I have been presenting map into the realm of the nightclub as visual delights in a true multi-sensory musical experience, but for my most recent pieces, I have showcased how they can also be implemented to create site-specific installations for a public space or gallery.

Tags: Fluorescent, Installation, Lightart, Mixedmedia, Neon, Sculpture

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