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Owes Ibrahim

Graphic Design

As an Art Director, I have learnt various principles ranging from Print Publication, Editorial, Experimental Typography, Moving Image and UX/UI Design. With these skills I have been able to adapt to various projects and provide my expertise in those areas. UX/UI Design has always been an area which has interested me. I have always had a keen interest in mobile technology and focusing on the user experience. The world revolves around design and being part of the change is not just a job but a responsibility. Learning from the past, I have adapted my design style. Simplicity defines my creative tecnique and whilst keeping up with modern day design trends, I am never too far to understand and appriciate what the next best design will be.

Tags: Advertising, Book Cover Design, Branding, Design, Editorial, Experimental Typography, Logo Ident, Magazine Design, Mobile App, Moving Image, Photography, Print, Publication, Publishing, Ui Design, Ux Design, Video Editing

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