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Philippa Madgin Ramsden


Women have always been a focal point within all of my projects, where I encourage the audience to challenge their views on the subject presented. I enjoy exploring different ways to present women within my work, from looking at the body as a work of art to aspects that target The Male Gaze. My degree show project, A Structured Mass discovers an abstract view of the body. Using the metaphor of dough to expand the body’s controlled boundaries and manipulate its mould. I have combined the qualities of human skin and the dough’s surface within my work by using different materials to reflect its folds, allowing the movement of the body and living dough to flow between the frames. The uncontrollable mass of dough contrasts with the bounded system of the body, concluding in a pensive take on the female form.

Tags: Abstract, Body, Constructed, Fabric, Femininity, Form, Life, Metaphorical, Nudes, Representations, Skin, Still Life, Studio, Women

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