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Rachel Ferguson

Fine Art

Artist Statement: 

Art is an opportunity for true perception. My practice is a monochromatic inky dialect, a measurement, a critical analysis, an unsettling curiosity aimed at the world around me. I use a philosophical framework and apply it to my observations. Which is then executed through a variety mediums. To begin, always with drawing. 

It is in within this framework my thesis is to unlearn objects and my environment. Through adopting a primitive sense of seeing. Which is analysed by drawing. To understand something, take it from its context. Analyse it. Unlearn and re-learn through line form and space.  

What if we were to apply the same childlike mystery and awe to every object and action we interacted with? My works belongs to a highly considered analytical approach. A quality of thought called ‘Happy Cat Log Flume’. How can we look out of the window without first looking at the window?

Tags: Drawing, Happycat, Logflume

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