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Rahaf Abdoun Machaal


Rehabilitation Through Pottery Making: “The Pottery Clinic”

Addressing crucially the high level of drug and alcohol abuse in Hulme, my proposed scheme presents a hybridised programme where residents seeking treatment from substance abuse are offered unmitigated support through an original treatment programme that combines conventional rehabilitation with art therapy by means of pottery making.

Typically, the poor design of rehab clinics, which are often criticised for having a hospital or prison like environment and offer very little or no interaction with the local community, hinders the rehabilitation programme and the patients’ development. Taking an antithetical approach, my project has attempted to deinstitutionalise the setting through the careful design of the patient living and counselling spaces whilst the dedicated public volume and green space encourage engagement from Hulme’s diverse community.


Tags: Architecture, Hulme, Msa Praxis, Pottery Making, Rehabilitation

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