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Rashi Vijan


The Centre for Acoustic Experimentation uses Sound and its Resonance / Reverberations as Therapy which aims to aid patients with Mental Illnesses at NHS and Research- ers at Manchester Science Park to help the advancement of Sound Therapy, while public can use the building to Experience and help experiment with Sound and indirectly become part of the research and observation.


Because they can feel the sound Resonate and Reverberate, they can feel it on their skin. I wanted to replicate this effect by using various Geometries and Materiality. I designed the ‘Polyhedron of Hedonism’ - a Sound Tunnel that can replicate and enhance this experience.The Building also allows sound to be experienced in multiple different ways such as Hearing, Listening and Producing Sound in the various Sound Rooms.The beauty of delving into these experiences comes from Regular Rooms but Irregular Surfaces. 

Tags: Absorption, Acoustic, Acoustic Boarding, Alternating, Amphitheatre, Architecture, Centre, Chaos To Controlled, Circulation, Cladding, Context, Corten, Environmental Design, Evnvelope, Experimentation, Experimentation And Observation, Foam, Geometries, Glazed, Hearing, Hulme, Listening, Manchester, Manchester Science Park, Materiality, Moss Side, Producing, Reflection, Research, Resonance, Reverberation In Architetcure, Rooms, Screen Print, Skin, Sound, Steel, Steel Frame, Structure, University, Urban, Wood

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