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Rhiannon Raw-Rees

Three Dimensional Design

Designer-maker incorporating industrial processes and handmade techniques, creating tableware that encourages people to come together and connect.  I aim to enhance the eating experience by making tableware which is much more than just a surface between our food and table. 

Growing up in the Middle East has had a strong influence on my practice.  This range is inspired by my appreciation of the culture and ceramic tableware in order to make a comment through the use of familiar objects and social settings.  

I have focused on Islamic patterns, translating their tessellated and infinite nature from two dimensional decorations, three dimensionally. Each dish allows for endless arrangement combinations depending occasion.  

Islamic Geometry is a visual representation of how all humans are connected together in one unity; I want the tableware to express the same sense of unity, as we are all connected by food.  Food brings people together to socialise and relax. By making presentation more playful, engaging and versatile I aim to encourage users to rethink these everyday objects and experiences. 

The 25 piece set is made from terracotta and stained porcelain which is handmade by slump moulding.

Tags: Ceramics, Craft, Design, Geometry, Handmade, Interaction, Pattern, Porcelain, Sharing, Tableware, Terracotta, Tessellation

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