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Rudi Morris

Three Dimensional Design

I have an 'alchemical'  approach to making; questioning the materials that I work with. My work focuses on using saggers (A protective vessel used for firing ) as a crucible.  This experimental, material led approach influences and informs the aesthetic of the objects.  The vessel form acts as a crucible for material experimentation. Pieces made are fired one inside the other, each vessel, or sagger, acting like a small kiln during the firing process.  The sealing of one pot inside another creates a particular environment where glaze material and heat can ‘play’. Unique effects are revealed post firing and the sagger becomes the vessel. Each piece shares an intrinsic nature with its firing companions as they have each effected the other in the process, so the vessel’s aesthetic is driven by the alchemical collaboration between material and fire.

Tags: Alchemy, Ceramics, Crucible, Fire, Tools

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