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Samantha Evans

Fine Art

I work in the realm of wonder connecting my conscious with my subconscious, exploring my identity through memory,

Delving into the realm of the mask I explore our fascination with hiding only then to reveal who we are through another wall, is identity nothing more than a face, western culture demonises those who cover their face exposing a darker aspect of your human nature, the first thing a criminal cover, is his face, masked balls, used masks to delve into the realms of secrets. Today our online presence is our face,

So what is personality in a world obsessed with self.

I express my observations through the non archival form of the polaroid photographs conjuring scenes of eerie figures in reminiscent backgrounds and of the everyday person shrouded in a white cloth, the shedding of a pre conceived identity.

Tags: Identity, Memory, Photography, Polariod

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