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Sarah Wakefield

Fine Art

My practice explores perception; how we see our surroundings and what we subconsciously take in, how this new information affects our previous preconceptions and expectations. As Andrea Pagnes outlines “consider art as a tool for a profound reflection into reality.” I hope that my installations create a brief moment when a viewer questions the notions of the material. In doing so, it engages them in a new form of reality. For the degree show, I hope that by creating a large-scale artwork in an atmospheric space, the viewer takes time to question the material, the form and the process of making. In turn, each individual will have an understanding of the material and its industrial history, especially within Manchester. This comes into play as the audience create their own multi-layered narrative; a narrative that arises from the methodical ordering of the coal.

Tags: Coal, Fine Art, Installation, Labour, Process

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