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Scarlett Allmark

Fine Art

Working from the photograph my paintings primarily deal with the exchange of information experienced when a person sees an image. My paintings are meant to convey how I examine and interpret the photographs I work from, deconstructing and reconstructing the image in order for it to become a painting. My painting style inhibits many different textures and consistencies, hinting towards surface and object in a naive yet controlled fashion. Painting is a very experimental experience for me, my intentions are to examine the limits of what paint can and cannot do, revealing details about paints qualities as well as the narrative possibilities within my work.I identify the photograph as an essential tool in my practice, which lies at the heart of every painting I create. The photographs I am currently working from remain devoid of meaning, allowing me to manipulate and explore what it is to paint.There are definite humorous undertones to my work, noticeable in the unusual scenes and nonsensical landscapes created. I feel these comical elements are a reaction to previous works where my paintings took a more personal tone, my current work is a response to that, inhibiting humorous and naive qualities I intend to entertain the viewer.


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