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Shidan Hagos


The city inside the car park is a statement which argues that programmes can derive from a space. Usually, you need to ascribe a programme to form a space that fits that programme. However, my project challenges that and presents the notion that a space can originate places for different people who would then ascribe different programmes to that space. Finally, the city would then become a collection of these places which spaces are appropriated by people who then make this city. 

Nature Technology and Society by Victor Ferkiss, the book that sparked the design idea of this project, described that nature has always fallen victim to the demise of human ignorance. I wanted to flip this notion and make Nature powerful and dominant within this city. You will see in the project that nature soars and overpowers the structure, bearing strong resemblance to the jungle.

Tags: Appropriation, Chaos, City, Light And Shadow, Nature, Power Of Space, Space And Place

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