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Sophie Horrocks

Textiles in Practice

“Touch is the sense that makes us human. It defines our experiences, shapes our sense of self and bonds us together”

David Linden

A fundamental part of our daily experiences, the sense of touch is a means of gathering information and establishing trust and bonds with other people and environments. In our current society we are “connected” through so many digital channels; I believe our physical connections are becoming lost.

Using magnetism to enhance the sense visually, my work aims to reconnect people physically. Although I specialise in knit, I am keen to fuse mixed media materials with scientific processes to produce interactive textiles. My work can be contextualised within fashion, sculpture and installation.

I wish to develop my practice within the field of material innovation; creating interactive textiles. 

Tags: Body Sculpture, Fashion, Installation, Interactive Textiles, Knit, Magnetism, Mixed Media, Vertical Gallery

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