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Stan Platford


I’m working in a counter-pastoral tradition where landscape photography challenges the visual conventions that it inherited from painting, scenes which supply experiences of the picturesque or the sublime. These offer the “Countryside” as an alternative to modern reality, and a focus for nostalgia or idealisation.

This project explores one aspect of the Everyday in rural and semi-rural landscapes: the visible, physical signs of invisible powers on which we depend: electricity and electro-magnetic waves. In cities these phenomena operate instantaneously in ways that can seem almost magical, but the sources of technology that allows unprecedented convenience, knowledge and communication are dirty, dangerous, and aesthetically unpopular - or simply need large empty spaces for their structures and security. They tend to be out of sight and out of mind, often in deprived rural areas. I aim to convey the experience of seeing my subjects in the context of their landscape rather than in the small details.

Tags: Architecture, Counter Pastoral, Landscape, Power And Communication, The Everyday, The Sublime

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