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Sume Leyden Sallam

Fine Art

Using the materiality of paint and colour, my present work explores the discordant relationship of landscape and industry.   The series of diptych works use the fluidity of paint to reflect the original uncontrolled molten flow of land creation.   Paint flow is impeded, influenced, or emphasised by the cotton structure preformed under the painting.  This cotton imposes a will and indelible imprint on the expression of ‘landscape’.  Double split pairs of complementary colours further express a disharmony and jarring juxtaposition.  Extensive research into the rise and decline of the cotton industry around Manchester, with its legacy on the land and minds of the people has informed these works

Tags: Bright, Colour, Colourful, Cotton, Discordant, Fine Art, Fluidity, Industry, Landscape, Painting, Structure

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