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Suzie Lund

Textiles in Practice

Using a combination of digital software, microscopic technology, photography and scanned imagery, my practice focuses on creating high end women’s wear fashion accessories and digital print designs. My current work focuses on the unpredictability of scientific patterns in nature whilst emphasising the beauty behind organic materials such as minerals and rock formations. This subject matter has influenced a number of collections in my current portfolio that all differ in colour and in texture.

By investigating hidden beauty that usually isn’t visible to the naked eye I have been able to discover and uncover fresh and unique imagery that sets my work apart from the most commonly observed variants of natural objects.

Alongside my passion for printed textiles, I have further explored the fashion industry through styling and art direction. Collaborating with numerous creative’s in many different fields has allowed me to investigate many different concepts and fashion styles enabling me to generate exciting and experimental editorials, many of which have been published in multiple magazines around the world. 

Tags: Art Direction, Digital Print, Fashion Accessories, Photography, Scarf Design, Styling

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