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Theresa Kitching

Three Dimensional Design

As a designer/maker, my visual style has been shaped by observations of natural form; focusing on detail, layering and geometry. An interest in textiles informed my progression into various material manipulation, especially when exploring tension and repetition.

Fungia Forma is a project based on the multicellular fungi that fruits mushroom forms; the pleats and honeycomb layering often occurring underneath. A focus in lighting design meant that I intuitively looked to growths which prefer darker habitats. Further research into fungal forms provided a range of textual shapes to work form and replicate.

The final forms are a result of testing and material manipulation of honeycomb, hand-glued Tyvek material, as a singular sculptural wall/floor piece, or as a lighting product.

Tags: Bespoke, Design, Honeycomb, Lighting, Product, Tyvek

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