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Veselina Petkanova


The Papermaking Library

The city is a work of architecture and engineering that grows over time. Some of its architectonics with monumental, historic or peculiar qualities ,we call urban artifacts. They embody the collective memory of the city and are irreplaceable fragments of the image of the realm. This research provoked my interest in collective memories - how not only architecture and fragments of architecture but also the craftsmanship and the role of the curator unify the city and generate its historical background. Thus my project developed into an antithesis building, having been set a typology of a library/archive space, which questions the coexistence and continuity of the industrial and domestic character of the urban realm through the production of paper and the celebration of the book. Tahe eternal relationship between the maker and the reader illustrates as well the notion of permanence that the building stands for.

Tags: 18th Century, Antithesis Building, Architectonics, Brick, Chapel Street, Collective Memory, Common Ground, Factory, Final Project, Glass, Industrial Revolution, Library Typology, Maker, Modelmaking, Models, Papermaking Library, Reader, Salford, Urban Artifacts, Urban Realm, Victorian Typologies

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