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Zoe Lewthwaite

Textiles in Practice

Growing up by the sea on a small peninsula in North Wales has been a part of my creative flair and inspiration throughout my upbringing, and continues to play a significant influence in my designs today.

The increase of marine litter found on beaches of the peninsula has inspired the fluid and free hand quality within my designs and is a representation of vulnerability in nature today. I am able to capture the fragility and imperfections in nature by focusing on handmade print processes, significantly screen printing and drawing directly onto fabric. My collection aims to present a contemporary and abstract interpretation of botanical and littoral prints with a handmade aesthetic.

Designing for homeware fabrics, wallpaper and stationery, the rich and bold colours with pops of vibrancy introduce a fresh and relaxed vibe into a ‘home away from home’. After university, I hope to continue my specialism in print and pursue a career in either the fashion or interiors market.

Tags: Cotton, Discharge Printing, Earthy, Fragility And Abstraction In Nature, Handmade, Homeware, Illustrative, Interiors, Kitchen Textiles, Linen, Mark Making, Natural, Paperprint, Screen Print, Surface Pattern

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