Abbie Leanne Graham

Textiles in Practice

Within my specialism of knitted textiles, I have worked towards pushing the boundaries and assumptions of conventional silhouettes. Magnets and eyelets are combined with knitted techniques, to encourage interaction between the garment and wearer. Within this relationship, the wearer can manipulate each piece to create a selection of different styles whilst adapting them to fit their needs. The use of restrictive materials such as Lycra and wire are balanced with conventional yarns such as Cashmere and Merino wool to create an adaptable collection. 

Creating a collection of interchangeable pieces, provides the option for both garment and accessories to be worn in a multitude of ways. In doing this I hope to not only create functional pieces but also open a conversation about the future of fashion and pose a solution for the unsustainable path of relentless consumption.

Tags: Fashion, Interchangeable, Knit, Monochromatic, Restrictive, Utility

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