Abigail Wilkin

Textiles in Practice

I am a Textile Designer specialising in print, during my time at university I have taken inspiration from the Natural World and I am constantly inspired by floral designs. Using botanical imagery as my main source of inspiration, I have explored alternative ways to develop my practice, and have been fascinated with achieving a three-dimensional quality onto a two-dimensional surface. Using photography to capture my experiments of flowers trapped within ice and resin, this combined with hand drawn techniques is used to produce designs for fashion and accessories collections; design layouts are both placement and repeat design.

The preserving and distorting nature of materials like ice and resin, have inspired the scarf and dress print collection titled ‘Entrapment’. Using florals as the main focus I have experimented with composition and alternative methods of retaining their delicate beauty.

Post graduation my intentions are to work and gain experience in the print design industry, to gain more skills and further develop my practice.

Tags: Design, Digital, Floral, Flowers, Ice, Photography, Print, Textiles

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