Alex Older

Textiles in Practice

As a print designer specialising in digital print I have been inspired by natural forms and environments such as flowers and the coast, as well as the structure and geometry in architecture. I am interested in shape and surface texture, and use these influences to inform my own drawing and pattern making. My aim is to combine elements of my drawing in order to create difference and variation across my design collections. I have found my colour inspiration from a variety of sources, including the pantone colours of the year, which are bright and vibrant.

My prints are mainly developed digitally. I draw directly into Photoshop using a Wacom tablet to create a palette of elements to work with; I then continue my process designing either repeats or one-offs. Many of my designs are large-scale non-repeats to work in an interiors context. I see my designs working in relation to interior products, upholstery and drapes.

After graduation I would like to continue designing print for interiors, as a freelancer or in a studio environment.

Tags: Bright, Colourful, Digital, Interior, Print, Upholstery, Vibrant

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