Annabel Atkinson

Textiles in Practice

Questioning whether clothing can be the embodiment of recollected memory captivates me. I find increasing interest in the lives lived within clothing and its extraordinary power to evoke those that are forgotten and unknown. Engaging with the sensory traces imprinted within a garment tantalises my woven practice.

My fascination with the unknown history of a garment has evolved into a keen interest in Tudor dress. The flamboyancy of traditional Tudor dress introduces a versatile approach to materials within my woven designs, in the form of lustrous lurex yarns and embroidery threads.

An experimental approach to my woven designs creates a breadth of woven fabrics suitable for a high-end fashion context. My future aspirations include encouraging the future generation of textile designers, on completion of a PGCE course post-graduation. 

Tags: Experimental, Fashion, Ornate, Tudor, Weave, Woven Designs

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