Beatrice Lee Knowles

Fine Art

Seashells, plantpot, doorbell, glasses, chinadoll, razor, plastic solider, lightbulb, umbrella, champagne flute, yoghurt pot, telephone, fake flowers, car tire, teapot, stuff. Stuff we collect, treasure, discard, reuse or hide. My obsession with stuff stems from a fascination with the illogicality of the misunderstood condition of hoarding.

My sculptures play with the notion of the illogical. They are created using a combination of found, discarded or hoarded objects, being bound together, and then coated in a 'material' creating uniformity as well as ambiguity. 

My recent sculptures revisit the childhood fascination with funfairs and the loud, garish, colourful, moving shapes. It is these spaces that trigger temporary yet highly sensuous experiences, which these new works evoke.

Reusing and appropriating the objects give them new lease of life, charged with fun/surreal moments that stimulates the viewers imagination. 

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