Freja Burgess

Textiles in Practice

I see fabric as functional art; a means of translating visual imagery into useable pieces, enabling art to be applied and enjoyed as part of our daily lives.

The concept of my final project stems from an intrigue in the experiences people have whilst sat around meal tables that present a sensory feast of beautiful colours, flavours and sounds, where people gather, celebrate, pause from work, enjoy food and converse.

Enjoying most investing my time and energy in hand processes, my print designs involve the conversion of hand drawn elements on paper into digitally printed imagery on fabric, in combination with hand screen printing.

I strive to design pieces that forgo transitory trends, that embody a sense of timelessness. I place value on the quality of materials that I use to promote longevity and believe we should design for endurance, not with an attitude of disposability that prevails in society.

Tags: Colour, Endurance, Handmade, Linen, Quality, Screen Print, Silk, Timelessness

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