Gina Riddiough

Textiles in Practice

Many of us chose to look at life through rose tinted glasses and go about our daily business as part of the ultimate purpose of economic activity - consumption. However, what we don't always consider is the affect of this on our planet and its occupants and how consumerist activities affect our standards of living. Within my work as a textile designer, I use everyday fashion as an output to discuss the effect of these issues and the problematic conditions that can be found within our worldly cities. Despite the powerful conceptual themes behind my work, accessibility is achieved by using street wear fashion, trend driven colour palettes and illustrative graphics to present our current cultural phenomena. By integrating objected themes through the medium of fashion, my work provides a human canvas in which to voice populace expression, issuing a greater depth as to how fashion can influence our identities.

Tags: Fashion, Textiles

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