Grace Hugh-Jones

Textiles in Practice

My collection fuses hand crochet and machine knit techniques together to produce a range of tactile, 3 dimensional fabrics and garments. This includes fine gauge ribs and lace structures, hand manipulated machine knits and fine and chunky hand crochet and knotting techniques.  I use an experimental yet considered approach to design, employing a spontaneous and intuitive use of colour and contrasting materials.

This project takes inspiration from the key rings and collectibles which often adorn children's school bags. Their collections express the children's individuality shown in their choice of attachments. The process of interacting with their peers when swapping and collecting also interests me.

In response to this, I have created a range of playful and exuberant knits and crochet plus 3 dimensional, tactile attachments, which capture the eclectic nature of the collectables and a lighthearted sense of fun. These are intended to engage the viewer and wearer alike. 

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