Jasmine Walne

Textiles in Practice

My practice focuses on print design with an emphasis on exploring the connections between colour and shape. I examine and explore the relationship between the two through drawing and collage creating bold, large scale lively design outcomes composed of abstract forms and textures. In this project, I have continued to develop my interest in the concept of light within my work through creating prints on translucent materials.                      

My work combines the processes of hand drawing/collage which are interpreted through screen print which I then digitally manipulate to create multi-layered designs with a hand produced feel. I enjoy working on large scale pieces, and my passion for drawing is always at the forefront of my process. I have applied my design solutions to a number of contexts including commissioned installations, interiors and giftware to show the work’s potential diversity.

After graduation, I hope to continue to build on my design portfolio and work as a freelance artist/designer.

Tags: Abstract, Collage, Print Design, Screen Print, Textiles

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