Lisa Baraona

Creative Practice

My work explores the relationships between humans and the animal world.  The work has developed into a series of surreal stitched drawings, questions of relationships, ownership and context - both modern and old are explored and should create a questioning and introspective viewpoint from the observer.  Several pieces are overtly based on religious imagery or iconography but the idiosyncratic nature and juxtapositions of the figures and objects within narrative creates spaces within spaces to allow the viewer broader interpretaion.  My work is purposely flat, shadow free - possibly naive?

My narratives explore the changing role of the family; the symbolism of objects act as metaphors for roles and focus in the family.  The house plant nurtured over the care of the infant hints at the displacement of care, for the status of material ownership.'House' plant, how did that come to be? 

My drawings offer a snap shot of a single moment, but the placing of the beings and objects tell a bigger story.

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