Lizzie Allies

Textiles in Practice

My work brings together my knit and embroidery skills to portray my fascination with the unpredictable. My inspirations come from arbitrary sources: nature, confetti etc. and I use a range of knitting and embroidery techniques to give my pieces their unpredictable nature. I feel this differentiation in media gives my work a range of texture and depth.

When I sit down to create my pieces I never know exactly what the final product will look like and this results in each piece being totally individual. When I have finished my degree, creating products which embody this is, is something I want to continue with, and apply it to a small, high-street accessories context. I want the viewer of my work to get an impression of fun and excitement but also femininity and elegance.

Tags: Celebration, Colourful, Confetti, Dispersion, Random, Unpredictable

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