Mary-Lou Liston

Textiles in Practice

Using knit and knitwear creations I explore conceptual ideas and preconceptions around the body politic. Crossing the boundary of clothing and art.

My collection focuses on using knit as a medium of expression to open a dialogue about the body and the issues that surround it. By exploring the parts of us that are not conventionally attractive and stepping beyond the stereotype I aimed to celebrate these perfect imperfections. By using exaggerated silhouettes and techniques that emulate the soft textures of skin and body fat I’ve created garments that both exaggerate and reveal the figure. Resulting in a collection containing a mixture of wearable and sculptural elements.

Recently shortlisted for i-D Diversity Now competition, promoting diversity in fashion. After graduating I hope to continue to create designs that challenge and merge the fashion and art world.

Tags: Body, Conceptual, Fashion, Imperfections, Knit, Sculptural

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