Saffa Khan

Illustration with Animation

Pakistani illustrator & visual artist, based in Manchester. Her practice entails of personal process and autobiographical work presented in a documental manner, via illustration, print and mark making. She creates and explores content surrounding culture, the ever-changing identity & portrays issues encompassing sexuality, faith & mental health.

Currently: Learning to exist in the 'in-between'.

The content showcased at the degree show is a work in progress from her picture book, 'Vutun'- Homeland. It introduces Pakistan, from the eyes of a child, showing you her homeland, familiarising you of its culture and the different people who reside there. It enables you to visualise yourself walking through a market in Nowshera and being allured by the mellow yellow mango stalls, the smell of freshly brewed chai is in the air and you are bewildered by the lively and ridiculously busy atmosphere.

The illustrative book portrays working class narratives of busy bazaars, hard working people and introduces you to the vibrant culture the illustrator grew up in.

Tags: Culture, Digital, Heritage, Home, Identity, Mental Health, Pakistan, Risograph, Sexuality

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