Sophie Rose Gornall

Three Dimensional Design

On the 24th of June 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU, this vote has left divides in our communities which need to be re-patched. Through this I have realised the need for me as an artist to engage with communities through art in order to give those who feel left behind by mainstream politics a voice in post-Brexit Britain a voice.

I chose specifically to work with my own community of Armley in Leeds, a typically deprived working class northern suburb. I engaged with the people of Armley through workshops, getting people to respond visually to issue based words in order for me to gather the source materials for my plates.

I have identified a need not to be partisan in my making, working with people not just for people.

I have chosen the form of traditional ceramics to depict the community voice as ultimately a comment on Englishness.

Tags: Brexit, Ceramics, Community Art, Leeds, Political, Transferware, Working Class

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